About Us

I started roofing the summer I was 14 on my dad's carpentry crew. We did all residential, most shingles. It was back when a lot of slate roofs were deteriorated and shingles were the replacement of Choice. I liked all the different jobs we did. But was always happiest on a roof. That was over 30 years ago. By the age of 24 when my father quit roofing; I started up my own crew. Eventually I was doing most new homes. Again, I was happiest on the roof, so we changed things up a little and only do roofing. 10 years ago we started doing commercial work exclusively. Our commitment to quality has not changed. All my sons of age (5 to be exact) have their own successful roofing company, as well as my two sons-in-law. Rest assured roofing is a family tradition, and you can trust our more than half a century of combined roofing experience to get the correct system for your commercial building.