Are you in need of a new Roof Installation or a Roof Evaluation?

I am Daniel Lee, the Owner of Lee's Top Choice Roofing.

I got involved in the roofing industry more than 30 years ago, And since that time many things have changed. In the last 4 years I have focused on Commercial roofing, using the Conklin Roofing Systems, We have systems for virtually any commercial low slope roof , as well as the hard to seal metal roofs.

Our roofing systems have proven to be Permanent solutions that make sense for a variety of solid reason.

1. Quality , Conklin Roofing Systems are known for Quality and the strongest leak proof warranties in the industry.

2. Sustainability, a properly installed Conklin Roofing System can be cleaned and re coated giving the Building owner a roof that can potentially never wear out.

3. Green, Our roofing systems are highly reflective and will save up to 30% in cooling costs , potentially paying for the roof in energy saving in 5 to 8 years , long before the leak proof warranty expires!

4. Insulating factor, A quality foam roof also has a great energy efficiency saving, year round with cooling and heating costs. Again 5 to 8 years of energy savings potentially, pays for the roof, after which we expect another decade of roof life.

5. Professionals, Not only do you have a Factory trained professional, I have dedicated myself to roofing excellence, and training other roofers to install these Quality Roofing Systems, So with ,''Top Choice Roofers,'' you get the best of both worlds ,manufacturer trained roofers, and also a ,''Top Choice Roofing,'' dedication to customer service with decades of On The Job Roofing experience.

Conklin Roofing Systems Overview