Protect Your Roofing System With a Foam Coating

We install SPF roofing systems

If you want to extend the service life of your roofing system, Lees Top Choice Roofing has a solution for you. Our team installs foam roofing systems on buildings of all kinds.

Our foam roofing systems seal in your warm or cool air and seal out the elements. You'll save money on energy costs and roof repairs.

The lightweight nature of the foam ensures that your roof doesn't exceed a safe structural load level. Best of all, these roofs have been proven to last for up to 40 years for some clients.

Schedule a foam roofing system installation calling us at 740-988-0527 now.

Why get a foam roofing system for your building?

The benefits of foam roofing systems are nearly endless. Just a few perks of coating your roof with a Conklin foam coating system include:

  • Boosted energy efficiency
  • Protection from the elements
  • Decades of continued protection

Protect your property with a top-notch SPF roof. Get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation.