Want to Protect Your Business and Lower Your Energy Costs?

Hire Lee's Top Choice Roofing to install a fabric reinforced roofing system

Fabric reinforced roofing systems from Conklin offer maintenance-free protection and will extend the life of your existing roof. Made from a flexible fabric that has a seamless acrylic coating, this material is:

Perfect for new or existing installations

Conklin’s fabric reinforced roofing systems prolong the life of your roof, and the reflective material makes your building more energy-efficient.

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Get a lasting fix to your roofing problems 

As a bustling business owner, you don’t have time to deal with multiple roofing issues. Stop spending your time and energy on mediocre repairs and choose Lee’s Top Choice Roofing to install a new roof.
Our Conklin roofing systems focus on quality, sustainability and energy efficiency. Call our Beaver, OH, office for an appointment.